Thursday, January 4, 2024

Unique Men’s Fashion, Furnishings and more!

Cerritos, CA 90703
Address available 1/4
Click this link for the address

Fri Jan 5 - 8am-2pm
Sat Jan 6 - 8am-12pm

Unique Men’s Clothing. Collection of Vintage Zoot Suits. Collection of Kilts. Hawaiian Shirts. Kilts. Selection of Cowboy Boots. Huge Selection of Men’s Shirts and Accessories. Kitchen is Full. Small Curio Cabinets. Collection of “Tweedy Bird” and Friends. Glassware. Crystal. Sewing Machine. Fancy Dresses. Kitchen is Full. Small Appliances. China. Crystal. Dinnerware. Flatware. Curio Cabinets. Nehru Jackets. Upright Piano.Vintage Pottery. Garden Decor. Overlock Machine. Books. Tapes. Vinyl. Garage is Full. Digger boxes. Vintage Stove. Novelty Lamps. Campodimonte. So much more! Please come by the sale! Bring bags! Happy New Year! 🎆