Monday, October 23, 2023

Antiques, Kachina Dolls, Western Art and More!

Long Beach, CA 90803
Address available 10/23
Click this link for the address

Tue Oct 24 - 8am-2pm
Wed Oct 25 - 8am-2pm

Eclectic Furnishings! Vintage Dine Rugs. Beautiful Selection of Framed Western Art, Japanese Block Prints, Oils, Landscapes, Vintage Drawings, Lots of Loose Sketches and prints. Nice Selection of Silverplate Serving, Tea and Coffee, Platters and more! Primitive Cabinet. Linens. Loads of Handmade Quilts, Crochet and Textiles. Pendleton Coat. Men’s Clothing. Huge Selection of Books-All Topics. Nice And Vintage Victorian Table Lamps. Beautiful Collection of Copper Pots (made in France) Huge Selection of Antique Tables, Chairs and Other Furniture. Garages are Full. Christmas. Fritz and Floyd. Baskets. Ornaments. Large Beautiful Dine Woven Rug. Lovely Collection of Vintage Kachina Dolls. Armoire. Drop leaf Tables. Vintage Christmas. Digger Boxes. Imari Plates. Blue and White Dishes. Selection of Vintage Dishes. Lots of Great Treasures. Christmas is coming! Get to Shopping!!! 👯‍♀️😎☮️

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